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  Vibration Analysis, Measurement & Seismic (selected projects)

Shock & Vibration Analysis of Expendable Mine Neutralization System (EMNS) Launch & Recovery System for US Navy Mine Counter Measures (MCM-1) Avenger Class Ships


Lockheed Martin EMNS Press Release November 19, 2007:

Press Release       Press Release PDF Download


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PC-3 Seismic Analysis of Sequoia Detector and Sample Vessels for the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Project (SNS), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

PC-3 seismic analysis performed in accordance with DOE-STD-1020-2002 and independently peer reviewed. The Sequoia Detector Vessel is considered to be one of the largest vacuum chambers ever built in North America.

Sequoia Starts-up Oct 7, 2008: Download ORNL Notice and Info on Sequoia PDF

Business Excellence Magazine: Download Feature Article on Grantec and Sequoia PDF

The Engineer Magazine:           Download Feature Article on Sequoia Detector Vessel PDF

Oil Sands Project MFT Pump Barge: Vibration response analysis of pump structure and barge hull

Vehicle Head Lamp & Tail Lamp Systems: Random Vibration Response Analysis; Vibration Endurance Assessments; Maximum G Loading Response Analysis; Fatigue Analysis. For GM and Ford Vehicles.

Algoma Tankers "Algonova": Vibration Measurement of Power Take Off (PTO) Gearbox


Vibration Survey of 17m Offshore Catamaran Workboat:

Accelerometer instrumentation of Hull, Superstructure, Engine Mounts, Exhaust Isolators and Silencers

Harbour Solutions Project (Halifax Harbour Clean-Up Project):

Independent Review of Baseline Vibration Survey & Assessment for Dartmouth Waste Water Treatment Facility (WWTF)

Seal Island Bridge Vibration Instrumentation and Bridge Deck Hangar Damper Tuning

Mining: Vibratory Feeder 16 Channel Accelerometer Instrumentation Program and Assessment
FRP Electrical Protective Enclosures: Seismic Analysis & Experiment Determination of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Damping Factors (performed via accelerometer instrumentation)

Group 5 Mixer Platform: Accelerometer Instrumentation and Analysis

Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel (MCDV): Vibration Analysis of Critical Rotating Components & Z-Drive Propulsion Units


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