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Grantec's SolidWorks / COSMOS Case Study Featured at Javelin



QUICK LINKS TO Grantec COSMOS CASE STUDY at SOLIDWORKS:     Case Study       Complete Case Study PDF Download


Early in March 2007, SolidWorks Corporation published a Case Study reflecting Grantec's recent experience with the COSMOS suite of finite element analysis programs, including COSMOSM, COSMOSWorks, COSMOSDesignStar and COSMOSMotion. The Case Study has since been featured at the Javelin Technologies website (posted March 17th, 2007). The posting at Javelin Technologies is reproduced below:





Grantec would like to thank our many friends at Javelin including: Ted, Bill, John, Chris, Kasey and Christy. 


Quick links to the Grantec COSMOS Case Study at SolidWorks Corporation

COSMOS Case Study          Complete COSMOS Case Study PDF Download

Quick links to the Grantec COSMOS Case Study at Javelin Technologies

Case Study at Javelin            Case Study at Javelin Atlantic        Case Study at Javelin Atlantic PDF



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